Hovercraft - Fall

(CD 2020, 54:12, Lynx)

The tracks:
  1- Leaves Falls(4:56)
  2- Fall(12:13)
  3- Silent Room(3:56)
  4- Rain(8:42)
  5- Antiphoenix(11:57)
  6- Silverange(11:16)

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Polish multi-instrumentalist Bartosz Gromotha has released a new Hovercraft album, his second, with the short but sweet title Fall.

The new album contains six tracks and all of them sound a bit as if they are made for a soundtrack for a movie. Leaves Falls opens this album in a very quiet way and later on the guitar and drums enter the song making it a nice song for a calm nature-like movie. The title track, also the longest one, is rather different as it is quite a prog rock track filled with tempo changes and melancholic melodies. The guitar work in this song is excellent, just listen to the more than awesome guitar solos and you will find out that this is probably the best song of the album. Silent Room is a kind of boring song filled with distorted weird vocals and some odd guitar sounds. Antiphoenix is again a melancholic song filled with keys, soundscapes, acoustic and twelve strings guitar and also the last song called Silverange sounds a bit odd, melancholic and not very interesting or diverse.

So, all in all, Fall is a kind of mediocre prog album and especially the vocals are not that good... Listening tip: the great title track featuring excellent guitar work!!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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