Ikonodrama -
Etched In The Spirit

(CD 2020, 48:32, Lynx LM174CD)

The tracks:
  1- Open Darkness(6:23)
  2- Your Mephisto(3:44)
  3- Orpheus(6:54)
  4- Demonology(5:40)
  5- The Lantern Of The Lost(4:20)
  6- Maldoror's Song(4:13)
  7- The Mess Sire(3:49)
  8- My Swan Syndrome(3:47)
  9- Dead Master(5:24)
10- Maldoror(4:13)

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Ikonodrama is a one man project from Dominik Burzym who does all the vocal parts and plays guitar, drums and bass guitar.

Etched In The Spirit is a dark album filled with metal and gothic sounds mixed with orchestral passages. The voice of Burzym sounds like a clear classic bariton and sometimes he even grunts, just check out songs like Open Darkness, Orpheus or Dead Master. I am not quite sure if this album will be welcomed/liked by readers of this site as it is absolutely no prog or melodic rock.

Etched In The Spirit lets you enter into the dark gothic musical world which will not be always very pleasant to listen to.... For me the best track is the instrumental one called Maldoror!

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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