InVertigo - Next Stop Vertigo

(CD 2010, 52:31, Progressive Promotion Records PPR CD002)

The tracks:
  1- Vertigo(7:28)
  2- The Night(8:58)
  3- Special(12:23)
  4- Take Your Time(7:47)
  5- Night On Broadway(7:19)
  6- Saturday Evening(8:33)

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InVertigo is a German prog band that recorded a debut album with only six songs that last approximately 52 minutes. This probably is a nice record ... and indeed it is. The music is a blend of neo-prog and pop-rock. Singer Sebastian Brennert has a nice voice which leads us smoothly through these medium-long songs. Of course, these songs contain some extended instrumental passages, but these never turn into a 'look-momma-I-can-do-it-without-hands' freak show. InVertigo makes the music Sylvan or even RPWL could have made if these bands would have been a bit more commercial. Fortunately, InVertigo steers clear of the overly commercial pitfall. The songs have just that bit of an edge to keep them - despite their easy-to-the-ear sound - interesting for the die-hard prog fan. Especially The Night and the mini-epic Special are enjoyable, because of the breaks and tempo shifts and a slight Yes-touch from the Drama-period (1980). With this InVertigo has delivered a debut album which puts the band on the prog map and hopefully on the bill of some of summer festivals as well.

***+ André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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