InVertigo - Veritas

(CD 2012, 70:09, Progressive Promotion Records PPR CD 007)

The tracks:
  1- Darkness(8:27)
  2- Lullaby(5:58)
  3- Waves(7:45)
  4- DR HD(2:31)
  5- Suspicion(13:38)
  6- Truth(4:37)
  7- The Memoirs Of A Mayfly(21:50)

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The German band InVertigo released their debut album Next Stop Vertigo in 2010, only two years ago. That album got excellent reviews and the music of the band was pigeon-holed as classic neo-prog. The songs on the new album, however, are a bit heavier, more riff-oriented and sometimes you hear obvious influences from Muse or Porcupine Tree. The music is rather diverse, but not very original - which band is still original nowadays? - and the vocals have a tendency to sound dull...

Take for instance the rather weird track Lullaby and you'll have to be careful not to fall asleep during this mediocre song that features far too much singing and too little diversity.  Waves is one of the better songs, a ballad-like track with finally a good and melodic guitar solo in the vein of Steve Rothery (Marillion). Suspicion is a rather long track, maybe too long; it's organ-based, but features a lot of acoustic guitar parts as well. The instrumental Truth is semi-acoustic with lots of piano playing, speaking and whispering voices and a way too short guitar solo.

The album ends with the 21-minute epic monster The Memoirs Of A Mayfly, in fact a leftover from their debut, which tells the story of a mayfly almost in real time! On this piece two guest musicians can be heard: saxophonist Marek Arnold and singer Julia Gorzelanczyk. The Memoirs Of A Dayfly lasts too long to be really appreciated. It's rather diverse featuring flute, saxophone, female vocals, guitar solos and lots of melodies, but I had heard enough after thirteen minutes or so. It probably would have been better if it had been shortened. Anyhow, if you like German neo-prog then this album might suit you well, so give it at least a chance.

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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