Internal Quiet -
When The Rain Comes Down

(CD 2016, 42:18, Independent Release IQ001)

The tracks:
  1- When The Rain Comes Down
  2- Chase Your Dreams
  3- Energy
  4- So Cold
  5- Going Good
  6- Last Breath
  7- Rain
  8- Reaching The Stars
  9- Time To Fight

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Polish Internal Quiet was formed in 2011 by guitarist and composer Sławomir Papis, initially as a solo project. Over the years the band morphed into the melodic metal sextet it is now. Besides Papis, the band is consisting of bass player Mateusz Stołowski, keyboard player Dawid Roźniakowski, second guitarist Dominik Kalisz, the experienced drummer Radosław Jarzyna and lead vocalist Maciej Wróblewski.

When The Rain Comes Down is a pretty decent album, the instrumental aspects are more than OK, although vocal wise I do have some doubts at moments. Nonetheless the band has taken a dive into the great book of metal cliché's. Chase Your Dreams is an Iron Maiden influenced track, but this track literally takes the traditional Maiden riffs and melodies to create a song of their own. Also listen to the final track Time To Fight, where the ghost of the iron lady dwells thought he guitar lines and bass parts. Musically When The Rain Comes Down takes you to places where bands like Queensryche, Stratovarius and Iron Maiden have gone before. Most of the time the music is really convincing, but on the down side the influences are too obvious and sometime the word “clone” come to mind. Even though that judgement might be too harsh to define Internal Quiet. OK, influenced by the old school metal, with progressive touches, the ballad Reaching The Stars has to be an acoustic one. The band really sounds like they sincerely believe in every note they sing and every note the guitar produces, but the song never lands as a genuine and honest composition.

On one hand I can really enjoy the old school (progressive) metal, on the other, like I referred to earlier, to be influenced by a band, doesn't mean you have to copy parts of their music. That's my main problem when I listen to the album; it lacks originality.

*** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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