IZZ - The Darkened Room

(CD 2009; 51:27; Doone Records DR8-669563)

The tracks:
  1- Swallow Our Pride(05:16)
  2- Day of Innocence(02:56)
  3- Regret(04:32)
  4- Can't Feel the Earth, Part I(04:39)
  5- Ticking Away(02:47)
  6- Can't Feel the Earth, Part II(10:36)
  7- Stumbling(05:23)
  8- The Message(03:07)
  9- 23 Minutes of Tragedy(07:00)
10- Can't Feel the Earth, Part III(05:07)

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The Darkened Room supposedly is the first of a two-part album series with a concept. However, the band refuses to explain what this concept is and thatís a bit of a nightmare for a reviewer. Everything is right with this album: a good sound quality, excellent mastery of the instruments - listen for instance to the nice Chris Squire-like bass in the third track Regret - enough instrumental passages with breaks and songs of a nice length. However, after playing this CD several times, I noticed that I didnít notice the CD, if you get my drift...

The first two tracks pass by without making an impression. Iím interested during Regret, but soon after this piece my attention starts to wander again until I notice the music has stopped... Perhaps Iím not fair to this cult band from New York, but I wonder why they are still Ďcultí, at least in The Netherlands. Is it perhaps the lack of strong compositions? Donít get me wrong. The Darkened Room is not a bad album. I like Stumbling and closer Canít Feel The Earth, part III in particular, but overall this release is just not that exciting or original. Listen for instance to Canít Feel The Earth, part II which could have originated from any female-fronted band of today. In a scene that becomes increasingly popular with some pretty good bands, every ambitious group has to make a little bit more effort to be special. Maybe on their next album?

**Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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