Joe Macre -
The Dream Is Free

(CD 2022, 42:37, Cuppa Joe Records)

The tracks:
  1- The Dream Is Free(3:51)
  2- Tell Me(3:47)
  3- Ride Or Die(3:13)
  4- Drop Me Off At The Rainbow(4:58)
  5- Life In The Theater(3:55)
  6- These Cool Years(4:10)
  7- Not Looking Back Tonight(3:18)
  8- Tomorrow Is Today(5:20)
  9- Get Up, Crack Down(6:07)
10- The Dark Sky Sea(3:48)

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Bass player Joe Macre (Crack The Sky) releases his second solo album The Dream Is Free. Featuring him on all instruments and voices, but also with guest appearances of Rick Witkowski (guitars), Al Macre (keyboards) and Chris Elliott (guitars).

Joe Macre's musical inspirations are Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and The Beatles, however the ten songs are mainly mainstream pop tracks with high in the mix bass lines and rather poor, mediocre vocals of Macre himself. The production and the sound of this album are furthermore rather poor, and the unimpressive programmed drums do not really help to make this album sound better. Elliott's guitar solos in tracks like Tomorrow Is Today and Get Up, Crack Down make these songs a bit more bearable and listenable, but overall, this album is utterly boring and that is also mainly due to the shoddy vocal performance of Macre.

So, I am sorry to state that The Dream Is Free is not a great album and furthermore it is has absolutely nothing to do with progressive rock music indeed.

** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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