Jump - The Beachcomber

(CD 2010, 53:15, SAL 1010)

The tracks:
  1- Down Three Times(5:03)
  2- Dead Man's Shoes(5:11)
  3- Kingston Corner Blues(4:35)
  4- Rosetta Stoned(5:09)
  5- No-one Spoke(5:07)
  6- The Sniper(4:58)
  7- On Bended Knee(4:34)
  8- Eyes On The Prize(3:47)
  9- Lennard's Blues(4:14)
10- Suffering In Silence(4:11)
11- Forgive Me My Sins(6:21)

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Jump is one of those underrated progbands that nevertheless bravely proceed with releasing good albums year after year. The Beachcomber is no exception. It's again a nice album with good songs which at the same time shows why Jump probably is not a much bigger name. The music sounds almost exactly like the famous Irish folk rock band Horselips, with maybe a bit more progressive elements. First of all this is because the singing of John Dexter Jones which is almost the same as that of Horselips' Barry Devlin, and secondly the prominent role the violin plays in several songs. Also the organ is as prominent as in the songs of Horselips so the connection is easily made. Finally, Jump puts a lot of emphasis on the rock part of the tag progressive rock, so don't expect long songs like Supper's Ready but shorter, heavier ones. In short, Jump is an acquired taste but if you acquire that taste there's a treasure of eleven albums waiting for you to discover.

*** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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