Kalle Wallner - Voices

(CD 2022, 49:50, Gentle Art Of Music)

The tracks:
  1- One(5:15)
  2- Two(7:54)
  3- Three(5:56)
  4- Four(6:01)
  5- Five(3:53)
  6- Six(9:30)
  7- Seven.Out(11:14)

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Voices is the 4th solo album from the Bavarian guitar picker Kalle Wallner, who also plays his dues for Blind Ego and RPWL of course....

Voices is a true and pure guitar album, as it only contains one track (Three) with vocals; Arno Menses of the band Subsignal delivers the goods on that song. One opens this amazing, melodic album and that track contains a Beatles melody/song (listen if you can identity which one...) while it is also filled with cinematic guitar lines, beautiful melodies and utterly soaring solos as only Wallner can come up with. Stand out song is without a shadow of a doubt the last one called Seven.Out, which clocks in over eleven minutes and here the guitar work of Wallner is almost from another planet as it is an almost perfect blend of the guitar sound/feeling of David Gilmour, Steve Rothery and Marty Friedman. I cannot get enough of this track as Wallner really shows his musical capabilities here, super melodic guitar work with goosebump solos; you have got to love this track!! Wallner is assisted by the spectacular drummer Marco Minnemann, Tanyc (kind of vocals on Six), as mentioned before Arno Menses (vocals on Three) and of course his band mate from RPWL Yogi Lang on keyboards.

Voices needs extensive listening and especially with headphones this new Wallner album is an absolute guitar treat! If you like melodic, symphonic guitar music then you cannot go wrong with Voices; an album that will end up very high in personal top ten list of 2022. Highly recommended indeed, listening tip: Seven, Out.

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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