Kamelot - Silverthorn

(CD 2012, 53:57, Steamhammer (SPV)

The tracks:
  1- Manus Dei(2:12)
  2- Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)(4:39)
  3- Ashes To Ashes(3:58)
  4- Torn(3:51)
  5- Song For Jolee(4:33)
  6- Veritas(4:34)
  7- My Confession(4:33)
  8- Silverthorn(4:51)
  9- Falling Like The Fahrenheit(5:06)
10- Solitaire(4:56)
11- Prodigal Son(8:52)
12- Continuum(1:48)

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The American prog metal band Kamelot was formed in 1992 in Tampa, Florida by Thomas Youngblood (guitars) and Richard Warner ich (drums). To date the band recorded ten studio albums; Poetry For The Poisoned (2010)  was their previous album and now they have released Silverthorn. The line-up for this album includes Thomas Youngblood, the new vocalist Tommy Karevik, Sean Tibbetts (bass), Oliver Palotai (keyboards) and Casey Grillo (drums). They were supported by guest singers Elize Ryd, Amanda Somerville and Alissa White-Gluz alongside a string quartet called Eklipse.

The new album opens with Manus Dei, which means 'the hand of God' that briefly summarizes the multi-layered structure of the entire album. From the next track Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife) the first official video clip has been filmed. This track contains alternating moods by changing tempo and melody; together with the video the lyrics will give you an impression of this song and the following story line. Ashes To Ashes, Torn and My Confession are strong pieces showing the vocal qualities of Tommy Karevik, the band's new singer. I think Karevik is the best front man the band ever had. Next is a ballad called Song For Jolee. The sixth track Veritas starts with a string intro led by piano playing. During the chorus the depth increases with choir vocals and it surprisingly ends with the sound of an accordion.

The title track is a nice example of a progressive power rock track, while Falling Like The Fahrenheit holds a catchy, anthem-like chorus. Solitaire is very energetic reflecting the solid structure for tempo and melody which is quite characteristic for the prog metal genre. Prodigal Son has been divided into three parts. It's the longest track of the album and rather important to understand the general theme that lies underneath. First part Funerale indeed sounds like a funeral due to the church organ and the vocals; the second part Burden Of Shame starts with strumming on an acoustic guitar after which the sound rises by a guitar solo and the subsequent melodic rhythm transitions. The third part Journey indeed takes you on a musical journey with strong rhythms and oscillating keyboards in the background. The final track Continuum gives the idea of being a 'to be continued' piece. Maybe a sequel of this story will appear on the band's next album. I would like to recommend Silverthorn to people who are into bands as Edguy, After Forever, Avantasia and Epica.

**** Zafer YŁksel (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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