Kansas -
The Prelude Implicit

(CD 2016, 53:26, Inside Out Records)

The tracks:
  1- With This Heart(4:14)
  2- Visibility Zero(4:28)
  3- The Unsung Heroes(5:02)
  4- Rhythm In The Spirit(5:59)
  5- Refugee(4:24)
  6- The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen(8:19)
  7- Camouflage(6:43)
  8- Summer(4:07)
  9- Crowded Isolation(6:11)
10- Section 60(3:59)

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After 16 years one of my favourite American prog rock bands finally come up with a new album. The Prelude Implicit is Kansas's fifteenth studio album and it contains 10 brand new songs. The band is currently comprised of original drummer Phil Ehart, Billy Greer (bass guitar/vocals), David Manion (keyboards), David Ragsdale (violin/guitar), Zak Rizvi (guitar), new singer Ronnie Platt and original guitar picker Richard Williams.

The “new” voice of Kansas kind of reminds me of Steve Walsh and therefore the music on this album sounds rather familiar and genuinely Kansas-like. The highlight of this great album is the epic epos The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen, which also could have been recorded for Kansas' classic albums like Leftoverture or Point Of Know Return. Rhythm In The Spirit is without any doubt the heaviest song of the album, featuring great guitar work from Williams and Rizvi, while The Unsung Heroes is a rather “poppy” track that could become a new hit for the band just like Dust In The Wind. Camouflage and Crowded Isolation are really catchy songs as well, both with light and intense musical openings. The albums ends with the instrumental Section 60, which showcases all the instruments and closes this album in a great way.

So, Kansas is back with a great album, although the magical musical level of their masterpiece Leftoverture is not reached and I truly hope that it will not take another 16 years before they release a new album!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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