Karfagen - Spektra

(CD, 2016, 63:05, Caerllysi Music ‎- CM16017)

The tracks:
  1- Spektra(7:11)
  2- Troy(3:33)
  3- Transaleatorica II(2:34)
  4- Terra Incognita(3:14)
  5- Celebration(3:50)
  6- Homonymous (Part 1)(2:30)
  7- Angel Tears(1:27)
OLYMPIA (Quadrology)
  8- Zeus(6:13)
  9- Dionis(4:41)
10- Poseidon(5:15)
11- Aurora(5:21)
12- Homonymous (Part 2)(2:35)
13- Dios Pyros(2:56)
14- Natural Charm(5:36)
15- Eye Witness(1:38)
16- Juggler And The Cloud (Studio Live)(4:31)

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The 8th album of Karfagen's mastermind Antony Kalugin is all you want in prog. Except maybe the lack of vocals. In the history of prog vocals can be of an essential role. Some are an excellent fit to the music (Peter Gabriel, Fish). Some are of high quality (Michael Sadler, Mikael Åkerfeld). Some you'd rather not hear. (fill in the gap...) Rest assured. No bad vocalists on this album. And yet, there are voices. Used as instruments. Folky, maybe a hint of Latin chanting like on Terra Incognita.

If you like the prog music as a standard, formed by the old giants like Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd etc... And a hint of other classic more underrated bands like Camel for instance. You'd like this album. With subtle hints of lesser used instruments like alt sax, flutes and accordions. Then you will be charmed by this album. It's got all the standard ingredients we like as proggers. When we progheads listen to this product of busy man Mr. Kalugin we'll recognise so much of what we already know. He manages to bind it all together in a colourful mixture of prog memories. Sometimes I got lost in the music, sometimes I lost it and got distracted by my surroundings. The absence of a good vocalist now and then may let your thoughts wander off the music.

I must confess, I can't reflect on Antony's earlier material nor on his other projects. This album is the first I have listened to from his musical stable. And as I mentioned before, this man is a busy man. When you visit his website you'll find he's very productive.
The music is well produced and thought through. The standards are high. Well worth listening to for prog lovers.

*** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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