Kenyon Bunton -
All Planes Must Land

(CD 2018, 43:10, Standard Tuna Records)

The tracks:
  1- The Most Beautiful Song In The World(4:38)
  2- Carnival(2:48)
  3- Fall Down Running(6:15)
  4- The Grey Sea(2:23)
  5- Far Alone Part One(7:31)
  6- Far Alone Part Two(9:53)
  7- Heaven Underfoot(9:38)

Kenyon Bunton -
This Guy's Disguised This Sky

(CD 2018, 43:46, Standard Tuna Records)

The tracks:
  1- Seeing Is Stealing(3:36)
  2- Seeing Infinity(3:56)
  3- Pass The Salt(3:32)
  4- The Sky Ain't Blue(5:25)
  5- This Guy's Disguised This Sky(5:58)
  6- The End Of A Superhero(7:26)
  7- Waiting For A Train(3:35)
  8- Summer Song(8:03)
  9- Waiting In The Rain(2:15)

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The delivered information of the discs of Kenyon Bunton's albums All Planes Must Land and This Guy's Disguised The Sky says that it is exactly what Kenyon wanted to produce. The first one is from winter 2018 and the second one is from autumn 2018. The information also said that there is a third album that will see the light of day in 2019. It seems that mister Bunton is in an inspirational phase of his life.

I listened a few times to both albums and have to say that it is not easy to fulfill the listening sessions. Why, I hear you asking? Well, if I am honest I really miss a few things on the albums. Kenyon is not a great singer, if you ask me. The way of singing is a repeat of what you heard before. Another point of criticism is that every song has another style, so no overall sound can be mentioned. Some people like to hear a lot of different styles, but this range is too wide, sorry for that.

Is nothing good at the music? Well, some songs have their moments. For example Carnival is a good one because of the tempo changes, the atmosphere of the music of The Doors that you can hear. In Fall Down Running there are beautiful bass structures and a bit weird guitar sounds, Jimi Hendrix comes to mind. The Grey Sea is inconsistent. Far Alone is surely composed under the influence of drugs, I really do not understand the song.

Sometimes I get irritated by listening to this music because there is no structure on either of the albums.

I rate the albums with two stars. Normally I do not judge that much because every artist takes the time to make an album and I do appreciate that, but this time I really miss the clue I think.

I hope you will give the albums a try, if you like several styles on one (or two this time) disc.

** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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