Kinetic Element -
Powered By Light

(CD 2009, 69.18, Own Production/Unistar Records)

The tracks:
  1- Riding in Time(9:06)
  2- The Ascent(8:21)
  3- Now and Forever(7:29)
  4- Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart(12:22)
  5- Meditation(5:54)
  6- Reconciliation(16:08)
  7- See the Children(9:58)

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Kinetic Element is a four-piece formation from the USA, founded in 2006 in order to support Mike Visaggioís solo album Starship Universe. The band performed at several festivals, did a lot of gigs and was the support-act of known prog rock bands like Circa, IZZ and Nektar. Their repertoire contains Mikeís album, classic and prog rock covers and new material. In 2009, this led to the release of Kinetic Elementís debut album Powered By Light.

Listening to the music on this album, I quickly came to the conclusion that this music is Ďa vintage keyboard fanís wet dreamí! Apart from the instrumental Meditation, with beautiful play on the acoustic guitar in rhythm, solo and overdubs, the other six tracks are loaded with bombastic Hammond-organ and MiniMoog-synthesizer along glorious Mellotron-violin and -choir and swinging grand piano. In the first track Riding In Time, we hear some delicate harpsichord as well. The music alternates from fluent rhythms with bombastic keyboards and hard-edged guitar in Riding In Time, The Ascent and Now And Forever, to wonderful build-ups with compelling final parts in the long tracks. Peace Of Mind, Peace Of Heart delivers a mind-blowing howling guitar with Mellotron-choirs in the end. Reconciliation contains exciting interplay between a powerful electric guitar and a sparkling grand piano. See The Children, the final composition, evokes Genesis, era 1976-77, and contains many interesting musical ideas like a volume pedal guitar with Mellotron-violins and a heavy propulsive guitar with a Hammond-organ solo. The ending is jaw-dropping featuring moving guitar with Mellotron-violins followed by a fat MiniMoog-synthesizer solo with propulsive guitar and drums and finally a blend of Hammond- organ, Mellotron-choirs and fiery electric guitar. Goosebumps!

However, in my opinion, the vocals are sufficient, no more, no less, but donít have the same quality level than the instruments. Nevertheless, I rate this strong debut album with three and a half star. Kinetic Element deserves this support. If you like seventies prog rock, like ELP, Yes or Genesis, focused on vintage keyboards like Triumvirat and early Le Orme, this is an album to check out!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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