King Of Agogik -
Morning Star

(CD 2018, 71:00, Saustark Records)

The tracks:
  1- Veils Open(1:37)
  2- The Unavoidable Wayfare...(13:25)
  3- To The Place Of Origin(11:09)
  4- Mother Of Depth(2:05)
  5- Nyade(2:55)
  6- The Art Of Make-Up(2:22)
  7- Suprema Lex(8:14)
  8- Ignes Fatui(3:37)
  9- A Visit To The Mouse Barber(2:09)
10- The End Of Dithyramb(20:04)
11- Curtain Call(3:13)

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King Of Agogik is the solo project of German multi instrumentalist Hans-Jorg Schmitz. Morning Star is his sixth album. On the website of Background Magazine colleague Martien Koolen wrote the last review of Exlex Beats (2014, see review). He asked himself: is this a serious rock album or is it prank? He did not answer his own question.

After I listened a lot of times to Morning Star, the newest album, I had the same question as Martien had. A lot of guest musicians helped Hans-Jorg with this album. If I take a look at the length of the individual tracks, I see that there are a lot of short songs that not take more than 3:37 (7 pieces), the other four are longer tracks varying from 8 minutes to 20 minutes.

If I have to explain what I hear during the whole album, I can tell you that it feels like an open stage where all musicians may do their thing one after another. It lacks direction and I really do not understand which direction Hans-Jorgen wanted to go.

I really respect the artist in making his music and having his ideas but I cannot say anything positive about it, sorry. That is why I do not give a rating.

No rating, Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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