Kingcrow - The Persistence

(CD 2018, 55:28, Sensory SR3085)

The tracks:
  1- Drenched(5:35)
  2- Closer(4:57)
  3- Everything Goes(4:15)
  4- Folding Paper Dreams(7:03)
  5- The Persistence(7:09)
  6- Every Broken Piece Of Me(6:50)
  7- Devil's Got A Picture(5:04)
  8- Night's Descending(4:52)
  9- Father(4:36)
10- Perfectly Imperfect(5:06)

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With the previous album Eidos (2015, see review) the trilogy that started with Phlegethon in 2010, followed by 2013's In Cresendo(see review) came to an end. Therefore, new roads would be explored, to bring extra interesting elements to their loyal fan base.

Eagerly I pushed play for the first time when my pre-ordered album was delivered, wanting to absorb Kingcrow's music once again. After the trilogy, Kingcrow also parted ways with bass player Francesco D'Errico, a very warm person who I wish all the best in his future life! Remaining are founders and brothers Diego Cafolla; guitars and bass on the album and Manuel “Thundra” Cafolla, the rhythmic base on the drums. As well as vocalist extraordinaire Diego Marchesi, master guitarist Ivan Nastasi and gifted keyboard player Chistian Della Polla. After the release Ricardo Nifosi joined the band and immediately got on tour to promote the new album; The Persistence.

With the introduction of The Persistence, Kingcrow takes a step down from the metal orientated progressive music, in favour of more a multi layered progressive rock kind of music. But still keeping their identity built over the albums, proving to be The Persistence as a true Kingcrow album. Starting with Drenched, I think Diego's vocals are absolutely amazing; his drama and big Italian pathos have turned out to be one of the essential elements of the band. Together with the more layered keyboard parts and heavy guitar riffs, his vocal parts guarantee an absolute winner for an opener. With Closer, an electronic element has been added and the guitars are not dominant all the time to impress. The first real different composition is Everything Goes, more programmed parts, more emotions. Strangely, even more energy. Although the base is more electronic, the combination of Diego's vocals and subtle guitar parts are just amazing. Add the fine drum parts and delicate keyboards and Kingcrow hits bullseye once again. Over seven minutes are both Folding Paper Dreams and the title track The Persistence. The first one, representing a bit darker side of Kingcrow's repertoire, including a brilliant guitar part by Ivan, the title track seems to combine the heavier element with electronic parts and brilliant vocals. Two very different musical styles, but both very much part of the Kingcrow heritage. Every Broken Piece Of Me represents the emotional, drama laden Italian roots of the band, for me this is pure magic; this is why I love this band so much. A track like Devil's Got A Picture bridges the gap between both the trilogy and the new path Kingcrow has chosen to explore. Check out the wonderful orchestrated parts, adding another layer. If you think, Diego's vocals are full of emotions, listen to Night's Descending, where Pain Of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlow joins as lead vocalist. The combination of two brilliant vocalists makes this track the ultimate composition to get worldwide recognition, as far as they don't have that yet. Speaking of intensity, Father is another mega intense composition, for me one of the most interesting compositions the band have written so far; a brilliant chance to release as a single. The album's final track Perfectly Imperfect brings back memories of the title track of their Phlegethon album, same intensity and atmosphere. A brilliant song for live shows.

Yeah, what to say more. The Persistence is another fantastic album by an amazing bunch of musicians. Great songs brought to you with Italian passion and drama. For me, another highlight in their career. Their live shows are a real intimate, but powerful happening. Check them out, you will not regret it.

***** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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