Knitting By Twilight -
Riding The Way Back

(CD 2009, 19:27, Itís Twilight Time RTE-6)

The tracks:
  1- Shiver(3:54)
  2- Mik's Glacier(3:36)
  3- She's Here(2:34)
  4- Blue Ink for Fountain Pens(4:44)
  5- Twirling Guitars and Glad Tambourines(4:47)

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Riding The Way Back is the second EP of John Orsiís band Knitting By Twilight. Orsi also plays drums and percussion in - to me - unknown bands like Herd Of Mers, Incandescent Sky and Overflower. The other members of Knitting By Twilight are Manny Silva (bass and shiver guitar!), Mike Maranda (glacier guitar!) and Karen Orsi (principal electric guitar).

On this EP all tracks are electronic, progressive and experimental as John describes his musical adventures. In fact it was too experimental for my ears: I never heard one nice melody or a guitar or synthesizer solo. Iím sorry to say, but fortunately this mini-album lasted only 19 minutes, because I experienced listening to it as a real torture.

The first track Shiver starts like a lullaby with strange guitar sounds and tubular bells that suddenly ends after four minutes. The second track Mikeís Glacier didnít impress me at all. The third track Sheís Here begins with cow bells after half a minute interrupted by strange and clumsy guitar licks that could easily be made by a five year old kid who just had his first guitar lesson. Blue Ink For Fountain Pens, a very strange title indeed, has some slight references with Mike Oldfield, but thatís all there is to say about this Ďsongí. The last track Twirling Guitars And Glad Tambourines has too less melody to be interesting. I can only conclude that this EP apparently has been made by amateurs. I can hardly imagine that there are people who like this music. For me Knitting By Twilight has nothing to do with prog rock whatsoever.

* Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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