Leprous - Pitfalls

(CD 2019, 55:11, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Below(5:53)
  2- I Lose Hope(4:44)
  3- Observe The Train(5:08)
  4- By My Throne(5:45)
  5- Alleviate(3:42)
  6- At The Bottom(7:21)
  7- Distant Bells(7:23)
  8- Foreigner(3:52)
  9- The Sky Is Red(11:22)

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For Leprous fans who like the metal side of this band this new album, called Pitfalls, will be quite a surprise, as Leprous's 6th studio album is really another cup of tea.

The nine tracks on this album are a leap into fresh and most of all, challenging musical territories and boundaries. The songs contain minimalistic solos, trip hop beats, very short melodic lines, sing-a-long choirs and choruses and almost no real metal characteristics. Still, old Leprous fans do not have to be disappointed completely as Foreigner and The Sky Is Red can be entitled as old school Leprous tracks. Especially the latter, clocking over 11 minutes, is a Leprous masterpiece as vocalist Elnar Solberg states: “The longest and weirdest composition here with a very dark mood and one that's also the most oddball here”. Pitfalls is by no means a metal album, but it has that Leprous sound. Besides that, it is the most personal Leprous album ever as the conceptual theme of Pitfalls is about the battle of Elnar Solberg against depression. The entire sequence of events that happened to Solberg can be followed through the lyrics. Again, this makes Pitfalls not an easy album , but if you are willing to listen to this album a couple of times very intensely, then you will appreciate this album more and more! My personal favorite tracks are: Distant Bells, Foreigner and The Sky Is Red.

A highly recommended daring rock album and without any doubt one of the most remarkable and ambitious” albums of this year. Play it loud, if you can!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Dave Smith)

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