London Silence - Virus

(CD 2019, 40:40, Lynx Music, LM167CD)

The tracks:
  1- Sounds From Space(4:09)
  2- American Roads(4:19)
  3- I Wanna Give It All To You(3:37)
  4- Run with Me(3:12)
  5- Stuntman(4:22)
  6- Keep Them Closer(4:26)
  7- London Club's Waiting(4:03)
  8- It's High Time(4:42)
  9- Virus(3:56)
10- Mystic Girl [live track](3:59)

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Website information. London Silence is a British-Polish rock band that was formed in London in 2014 by Dagger. The current line-up includes Poland-based musicians. London Silence drew its sound from a variety of musical influences, from rock, and pop-rock to rock ballads. In 2016 the band recorded its first studio album entitled Stuntman, and in 2019 London Silence has its new album Virus.

Listening to this second effort I notice that London Silence delivers a very melodic blend of Neo-prog, melodic rock and pop-rock, with the focus on the vocals. The voice of the singer contains an obvious accent in English, but not really disturbing. He puts a lot of emotion into the tastefully arranged compositions, often embellished with nice work on guitar and keyboards. But in general London Silence's music doesn't generate a lot of excitment to me, and it lacks highlights. Only the tracks Stuntman (emotional vocals and a moving guitar solo with fiery runs), Keep Them Closer (wonderful work on guitars and keyboards) and It's High Time (fine blend of acoustic - and electric guitar, along a delicate Hammond sound and strong emotional vocals) succeed to really please me.

In my opinion this band should put a bit more dynamic and captivating ideas into its music.

**+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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