Lonely Robot - Under Stars

(CD 2019, 49:49, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Terminal Earth(1:56)
  2- Ancient Ascendant(5:47)
  3- Icarus(5:21)
  4- Under Stars(5:16)
  5- Authorship Of Our Lives(5:39)
  6- The Signal(3:20)
  7- The Only Time I Don't Belong Is Now(5:16)
  8- When Gravity Falls(5:03)
  9- How Bright Is The Sun?(5:03)
10- Inside This Machine(3:28)
11- An Ending(2:40)

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Ok, I admit it, I have a “weak” spot for the music of John Mitchell; I love It Bites and KINO and the first two Lonely Robot albums, Please Come Home (2015, see review) and The Big Dream (2017, see review), were year favourites of mine. Now, Mitchell releases the final album in the Lonely Robot trilogy called Under Stars.

Well, what can I say, again, it is a marvellous achievement by Mitchell, amazing melodic prog rock/pop music inspired by the eighties. Mitchell's vocals are indeed utterly marvellous on this new album and his guitar playing is sometimes out of this planet. Just listen to his astonishing guitar picking in the title track or Authorship Of Our Lives. However, his best guitar solo can be heard in the power ballad How Bright Is The Sun and I can definitely say that this is my favourite song of the record! Drummer and Mitchell's friend Craig Blundell (Steve Hackett and Steven Wilson) does an outstanding job especially on the most progressive rock song of the album called When Gravity Falls. Under Stars ends with the song An Ending and that track features the refrain from the song Lonely Robot which can be heard on the album Please Come Home ; a perfect end to this amazing trilogy.

Mitchell stated: “I would love to get a noble venue and play the songs from all three albums live.” Let's hope that this will happen in the near future, meanwhile, enjoy Under Stars as I am sure you will if you enjoyed the previous two; play it loud or listen to it by headphones!!

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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