Loonypark - Straw Andy

(CD , 2011, 44:02, Lynx Music LM62CD)

The tracks:
  1- Straw Andy(2:13)
  2- Undefeated(5:33)
  3- Baby Lulla Shadows, part 1(5:01)
  4- Baby Lulla Shadows, part 2(5:01)
  5- Try(5:00)
  6- Strangers(4:12)
  7- The World is Enough(4:32)
  8- Dance(5:58)
  9- Great in the Sky(6:42)

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Whether you enjoy this album of the Polish band Loonypark or not depends on the degree you can stand the voice of singer Sabina Godula-Zajac. Let me give you my opinion: I think the best track by far on Straw Andy is the title track and opener, which is a two-minute long instrumental. There's no doubt that these musicians can handle their instruments well and a special mention should be made for guitarist Piotr Grodecki who is the star on this album. He is literally everywhere and he's able to produce many noises from his axe; very enjoyable. But the singing is just plain and gets on my nerves. It thereby robs me of the pleasure of listening to this album. The music is set too low in the register which makes the singer having to sing as if she has three blankets wrapped around here head. Strange that nobody in the band picked this up to fix the problem. Whatever the reason is, I for one can't get to the end of this CD. Maybe you can?

* André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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