Luigi De Santi -
DéJàVu (From The Garret...)

(CD 2011, 51:30, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Key(6:26)
  2- Facts(5:09)
  3- Carousel(7:00)
  4- New Era(7:45)
  5- Little Drops(7:04)
  6- Still Growin'(7:28)
  7- We Can't(4:27)
  8- Clean(6:12)

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One thing we reviewers struggle with is that reviewing by definition is a matter of individual taste. This results in quite a few strifes with disgruntled musicians and even with readers of prog magazines and websites when you've written about a CD in a less positive way. I foresee trouble in the near future after publishing my review on Luigi De Santi's album DéJàVu. That's because I can't stand the voice of a certain Giuilo De Santi, the 'singer' on this album. I don't know whether he's a relative or not. I'm not sure either whether he sings with an off-key voice or what it is, but it certainly robs me from the pleasure the instrumental bits on this album give me. Not that DéJàVu is a mature product; there are quite a few hiccups in the smooth running of the compositions, but all in all multi-instrumentalist Luigi De Santi did a decent job. Sometimes his interest in the original Peter Gabriel-era of Genesis shines through and in those bits the music is on its most symphonic and on its best. But that voice...

**- André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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