Macroscream - Macroscream

(CD 2016, 59:13, Fading Records FA022)

The tracks:
  1- Mr. Why(12:52)
  2- Then It Goes Away(6:13)
  3- Unquiet(8:04)
  4- The Flying Gianpy(8:56)
  5- Goliath(10:51)
  6- Impenetrable Oak Bark(12:15)

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Here is another band that was totally unknown to me, but I guess most of our readers and lovers of progressive rock didn't know that an Italian band from Rome named themselves Macroscream. They were founded in 2008 by Alessandro Patierno (bass guitar, guitars, piano, mandolin, vocals). Together with Tonino Politanò (guitars), Davide Cirone (keyboards), Gianpaolo Saracino (violin), Marco Pallotti (drums) and Luca Marconi (lead vocals) he released the band's debut Sisyphus in 2012. Four years later they welcomed Macroscream to the world.

You can certainly say that Patierno wrote some interesting compositions for the band's second album. Songs that are most of the time very difficult to pigeon hole. On the six tracks they treat us to a musical style which has elements of seventies progressive rock, jazz rock, Canterbury and folk music. Most of all the use of vintage keyboards gives the band their seventies retro sound. Most of all the Mini Moog has a leading role throughout the entire album. Also the violin knows when to take the leading part in the excellent sounding songs, giving them the jazz rock and folk sound when it is needed. Another leading role is most of all for the band's lead singer. Like a kind of Al Jarreau of prog he sings his way through the songs. Something some progheads probably won't like at all. But I love his vocal capacities all the way. Too bad that the guitarist doesn't get into the spotlight that much, but the same goes for the rhythm section. All of them support the guys who can shine on this release.

Saying they are difficult to pigeon hole strangely enough doesn't mean I can't mention names that possibly influenced the band. Right from the start a band like Gentle Giant came to mind, but I also heard acts such as King Crimson and Premiata Forneria Marconi and Jean-Luc Ponty when I played this pleasant sounding album.

One thing is certain; Macroscream is a great addition to the already large list of bands that are in a box with the label “Rock Progressivo Italiano” on it. They are for me one of the musical surprises of 2016, without any doubt!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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