Magenta -
The Singles Complete

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- Wonderous Stories
  2- Speechless
  3- When We Were Young
  4- I'm Alive
  5- Call Me
  6- King Of The Skies
  7- Lucky Man
  8- Lemminkainen's Lament
  9- The Lizard King (Single Mix)
10- Night And Day
11- Cold
12- Broken
CD 2
  1- The Visionary (2015 Mix)
  2- Wonderous Stories (Acoustic Mix)
  3- Speechless (Extended Mix)
  4- Anger
  5- Lucky Man (Extended Mix)
  6- Sloth (String Mix)
  7- The Lizard King (Acoustic Mix)
  8- I'm Alive (Chimpan A Mix)
  9- Demons (2015 Mix)
10- RAW (Classical Mix)
11- Sunshine Saviour
12- Opus 3 (Instrumental)

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The Singles Complete. Magenta's Greatest Hits. Not something you would normally associate with our genre of progressive rock. Singles are for the world of pop, but as Andy Tillison (The Tangent) points out, Magenta should be headlining Glastonbury in an ideal world and in my ideal world these songs should be heard on England's Radio 2 (substitute your own national radio station for the country you live in). For indeed these songs deserve to be heard by more people. The world would be a better place for a Magenta number one record. This is a reissue of a single disc set released in 2007 called The Singles. However this one is updated with some new and remixed songs.

We all know Magenta as a prog band with some lengthy songs to their name but boy are they able to make the most of a shorter song too. There are some wonderful melodies here as well as some great versions of songs that are familiar to us such as Lucky Man (Emerson Lake & Palmer) and Wondrous Stories (Yes). There is beauty, power, and lyrical insight in these songs that draws the listener in and shows that Magenta are not only great musicians but talented songwriters too.

Of course, the sound of Magenta is personified by Christina Booth's distinctive voice that challenges the listener to follow her on her storytelling journey.

If you are a fan of Magenta you will already have most of these songs from the album versions but there are some extras here as well as some remixes and to be honest, it is such a nice collection to play in its running order. And if you are thinking of hearing Magenta for the first time then this is as good a place to start. Highly Recommended

***** Dave Smith

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