Maglev - Overwrite The Sin

(CD2016, 48:39, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Play The Game(8:15)
  2- Song Of A Dead Bard(9:23)
  3- Judith(8:27)
  4- Confined(9:08)
  5- The Hands Of Time(12:46)

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Maybe insiders in the Dutch music business are familiar with the name Joost Maglev as he played the bass guitar in the band Galanor (2007 till 2011) and Equisa (2011 till now).

Overwrite The Sin is Maglev's first full solo album and Robby Valentine, Sebas Honing and Scarlet Penta assisted him on this progressive rock album. The album contains five rather long musical pieces and you can enjoy lots of instrumental passages on Maglev's debut. If you listen carefully you can hear musical influences from Devin Townsend, Asia, Yes, Genesis and Queen. Highlight for me is the last song called The Hands Of Time, also the longest track, where you can hear Maglev at his best, as the music is rather experimental, with great guitar work, a rather “catchy” chorus and lots of musical twists and turns. For lovers of neo prog music this album is definitely worth listening to, so give it a try.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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