Manic Opera - All That Matters

(2CD 2013, 52:14/ 60:09, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- All That Matters(8:19)
  2- A Haunting(5:31)
  3- March Of The Damned(5:42)
  4- So Called Paradise(4:46)
  5- Inferno(9:56)
  6- A Stranger In My Eyes(7:23)
  7- Lift The Veil(5:22)
  8- Only The Brave(5:16)
  9- A Prison Of My Making(5:35)
10- A World Away(5:14)
11- Interlude(6:16)
12- Phoenix(6:15)
13- Inferno (instrumental)(9:56)
14- All That Matters (instrumental)(8:19)
15- March Of The Damned (instrumental)(5:42)
16- A Stranger In My Eyes (instrumental)(7:23)
17- A Haunting (instrumental)(5:31)


Manic Opera are an Australian symphonic progressive rock band formed in early 2000. In 2006, after they had recorded their debut album Moments In Time (2002), they decided to take some time off. In 2010 Nick Jovan (drums) and Leonard Kopilas (keyboards) came together again and began to write new songs and now, three years later, Manic Opera have completed their second album called All That Matters. It's a double album featuring seventeen songs of which six of them have both a vocal and an instrumental version, so in fact there are 'only' eleven new tracks on this album. After listening to All That Matters a couple of times, three words came to mind: unoriginal, unexciting and predictable. All the songs can be described as pure modern prog, but it all sounds so retro and so 'eighties'. I wonder if there are still people who like this kind of music. To me, it's two hours of much ado about nothing.

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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