Marco Glühmann -
A Fragile Present

(CD 2024, 54:27, Gentle Art Of Music)

The tracks:
  1- Hear Our Voice(5:20)
  2- Never Say Goodbye(5:12)
  3- Reach Out(5:29)
  4- Faceless(4:41)
  5- Look At Me(5:04)
  6- At Home(3:39)
  7- For A While(3:22)
  8- Black The Shade Out(3:28)
  9- One Last Hope(4:25)
10- Life Is Much Too Short(4:27)
11- Running Out Of Time(5:34)
12- My Eyes Are Wide Open(5:23)

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Marco Glühmann is of course the lead singer of one of the most successful German art rock bands Sylvan and he releases his first solo album called A Fragile Present on June 14th. Let it be known that this is indeed a fantastic album, full of emotion, great music and the songs move between rock, prog rock, art rock, neo prog and melodic pop music.

Glühmann, who sings all lead vocals and plays guitars and keyboards, pulled together an awesome line up of guest musicians for A Fragile Present including among others: guitar god Steve Rothery (Marillion), Billy Sherwood (Yes), guitar player Kalle Wallner (RPWL), guitarist Johnny Beck (Sylvan), keyboarder Yogi Lang (RPWL), bass guitarist Markus Grutzner (RPWL) and drummer Tommy Eberhardt.

Hear Our Voice, opens the album with a majestic lead guitar hook, before the pace slows down and acoustic guitar and powerful vocals take the song to another level; it is indeed a great song to open this album with and no one less than Billy Sherwood supports Glühmann here to raise the musical level even more. Follow up Never Say Goodbye is a spot-on power track featuring heavenly keys and excellent electric guitar soloing indeed. Look At Me, however, is more relaxed and softer, opening with soft piano chords and strings, while One Last Hope is packed with orchestration and really sounds different to the rest of the song material on Glühmann's debut album.
But, Glühmann saves the best for last, as My Eyes Are Wide Open (check out the video on YouTube), is without any doubt THE best song of the album indeed and that is mainly due to the amazing guitar work of guitar god Steve Rothery as his solo is so f... melodic it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it!

Conclusion: A Fragile Present is a wonderful first solo album from Glühmann and it is not only meant for Sylvan fans as it is a true picture book album that could not be more beautiful, proving that Glühmann is one of the best vocalists of the modern prog rock era. Highly recommended indeed and play it LOUD, if you can!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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