Mariusz Duda -
Lockdown Spaces

(2020, 34:15, Glassville Records Digital Only)

The tracks:
  1- Isolated
  2- Lockdown Spaces
  3- Bricks
  4- Waiting
  5- Thought Invaders
  6- Pixel Heart
  7- Silent Hall
  8- Unboxing Hope
  9- Screensaver

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After the release of his first solo single, The Song Of A Dying Memory, Mariusz Duda, known as frontman of Polish progressive rockers Riverside and cross over band/project Lunatic Soul, returns with an almost thirty-five minutes lasting album, called Lockdown Spaces.

Where the single saw a nice blend of emotional folky and progressive rock, Lockdown Spaces turns out to be ambient, minimalistic and claustrophobic. Inspired by life in quarantine, nine songs were written and recorded. With only the use of electronics, samples and his voice, Lockdown Spaces ends up in the vein of Riverside's Eye Of The Soundscape and segments of the Lunatic Soul albums.

Although the album is pure electronic, the hand of Mariusz Duda is very recognizable, certainly when you are familiar with the aforementioned bands. A song like the title track has some references to compositions of Steven Wilson's early period, but the overall feel is dark, moody and desperate. Absolutely referring to the current situation in our world.

Lockdown Spaces sees a complete different face of Mariusz Duda; moody and dark vocal segments go hand in hand with mesmerizing soundscapes. An inspired album, definitely a twenty-twenty album, with subtle references to some of the eighties bands like Depeche Mode.

**** Pedro Bekkers

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