Markus Reuter - Truce

(CD 2020, 62:34, Moonjune Records 692287910020)

The tracks:
  1- The Truce(11:56)
  2- Swoonage(3:25)
  3- Bogeyman(7:28)
  4- Be Still My Brazen Heart(8:46)
  5- Power Series(9:03)
  6- Let Me Touch Your Batman(9:52)
  7- Gossamer Things(11:50)

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Congratulations to Leonardo Pavkovic for releasing the 100th album on his Moonjune Records label. This label stands for music in the border area between jazz, rock, progressive rock, fusion-rock, jazz-rock, experimental rock and avant-garde. He carefully selected the instrumental album Truce for this anniversary release.

Truce was led by Markus Reuter (Stick Men, The Crimson ProjeKct) on Touch guitar and looping. He was ably accompanied by the rhythmic pair of Fabio Trentini (Le Orme, Nina Hagen) on fretless bass, bass synthesizer and the Israeli drummer Asaf Sirkis. Together they recorded some music during a session organized in mid-May of the year 2019. This all took place at La Casa Murada Studio in Banyeres del Penedes in northern Spain. The end result is the recordings are perfectly captured and sound-wise transparent and powerful. However you have to be open for it because it is not the usual progressive rock music I listen to most of the time. What they came up with sounds very experimental and sometimes very complex.

The result of this collaboration is an extremely interesting and multifaceted instrumental album. Despite sometimes complex rhythms, as well as weird, demanding sounds, the music grooves without end in places, making full use of the very wide sound range of the touch guitar between percussive elements, ambient sounds and distorted, aggressive guitar acrobatics. It is sometimes very hard and heavy, but above all it is artistically thought out. Building entirely on the improvisational and sometimes very unpredictable.

The seven tracks are a gripping mix of extravagant, modern sound aesthetics and rocking complexity. Nevertheless, the trio sometimes gets lost in melodious beauty. The listener is not only constantly challenged by different time signatures but also rather simple parts which are easy to enjoy. Although a certain robustness as a listener is nedessary to get the whole picture most of the time. Convincing creative music for open ears without any doubt.

Not for everyone, it is reserved for true connoisseurs, for all lovers of modern jazz-rock and unlimited experimental rock! People who enjoy Gong, Stick Men, The Crimson ProjeKct, King Crimson or Soft Machine should try to have a listen to Truce. They might enjoy this celebration release. Hip Hip Hooray to Moonjune Records.

*** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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