Mars Project - Insomnia

(2018, 55.01, Lynx Music LM 131CD)

The tracks:
  1- Insomnia(5:00)
  2- Midnight Blue(2:30)
  3- Silent sky(3:32)
  4- Fields of fear(3:49)
  5- Voices of the night(3:00)
  6- The heat(3:53)
  7- Melancholy(3:53)
  8- Words are not needed(2:27)
  9- Secret path(3:01)
10- Penelope(3:04)
11- You'd better run(2:19)
12- Sleeping child(4:25)
13- Just play(2:24)
14- Waves(3:40)
15- Going home(3:50)


Mars Project is a musical project created by Cracow born Polish autodidact musician Marek Sikora (guitar, keyboards , samples and loops) in 2017. Website info. “The album Insomnia, inspired by work of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, connects the sound of classical guitar with various types of synthesizers, effects of experiments as well as vocal samples. It's difficult to classify Insomnia as a particular musical genre - the distinguishing features of Mars Project are references to film music, folk or nu-jazz.”

Well, to be honest, I expected a blend of electronic - and classical music after reading the abovementioned website information. But Mars Project delivers music that alternates between New Age and ambient, very, very mellow, perfect for meditation. Some tracks feature catchy rhythms with propulsive percussion beats, often with wonderful acoustic guitar runs. But most compositions are dreamy sound collages and mellow sound landscapes, at some moments a bit of cacophony. Although the instrumentation is very varied (from piano, acoustic guitar and violin to accordion, contrabass and pan flute) most of this album it fails to keep my attention and to generate very much excitement. Sometimes very beautiful but too often close to boring is my conclusion about this album.

**+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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