Material Eyes -
Three Of A Kind

(CD 2021, 65:32, Davwilmar CD003)

The tracks:
  1- Adrenaline High(5:32)
  2- Fabulist(12:05)
  3- I Have Loved The Stars Too Long(10:36)
  4- When Tomorrow Comes Around(12:28)
  5- No One Knows(7:12)
  6- The Writings On The Wall(10:22)
  7- Jerusalem Armageddon(7:17)

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I listened to Three Of A Kind by Material Eyes several times before making up my mind on my take on it. Honestly, it didn't do much for me, but I tend to go for music that is a little heavier and this was a very peaceful, ponderous album and lacked some originality. However, I can say some good things about this release.

The first track, Adrenaline High, really had a classic Yes sound and was solidly in the Prog genre. It took me back to the days in the 70's when I'd spend hours listening to the same Yes songs on repeat—virtual heaven.
The Fabulist put me in mind of the band Barclay James Harvest especially the vocals, which I enjoyed. I think the standout song, for me, was I have Loved The Stars Too Long which had all the pomp and joy of 70's era Prog.
The last song, Jerusalem Armageddon gave a nod to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's version of Jerusalem but with an apocalyptic twist that was very interesting.
I have to rate this with only 3 stars due to some instrumentation failures (they really need a real violinist) and my overall preferences, but if you are in the mood for a peaceful reconnect to old-school Prog, I would recommend it.

*** Terri Selbe

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