Matt Stevens - Ghost

(CD 2011, 42:45, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Into the Sea (3:30)
  2- Big Sky (5:39)
  3- Eleven (2:35)
  4- Draw (3:39)
  5- Burnt Out Car (3:48)
  6- Lake Man (6:17)
  7- Glide (3:02)
  8- 8.19 (5:28)
  9- Ghost (4:33)
10- Moondial (4:09)

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Somebody once said: 'And now for something completely different!' What's so different then about Matt Stevens, member of the post-rock band The Fierce And The Dead? Well, he was able to get many raving reviews in the music press with a self-released all instrumental CD with acoustic guitar. That means Ghost is not a middle-of-the-road Anthony Philips- like Private Parts & Pieces acoustical noodling release - not that Anthony's music is bad, but we've heard it so many times by now - and indeed it isn't. Ghost can be described best as Robert Fripp's frippertronics on acoustic guitar, but with composition and flow. Second track Big Sky is a prime example of this. Stevens is able to create an edge in his music so that it can be compared with that of the California Guitar Trio or The League Of Gentlemen, except that Stevens is only one man, occasionally supported by some drums, bass and Mellotrons, with a serious King Crimson fixation. Remarkably, this makes sure that the music doesn't get boring. It's quite fun to listen to Ghost especially on a Sunday morning after a heavy concert the previous night. Stevens thus deserves all the exposure he gets!

***+ André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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