Metus -
Time Will Dissolve Our Shadows

(CD 2019, 48:17, Lynx Music LM 152 CDDG)

The tracks:
  1- I Last Between The Worlds(7:13)
  2- My Spirit Sinking Deeper(7:43)
  3- Shadows Around(7:28)
  4- Eternity Is Now(4:31)
  5- Hear The Moan Of Ashes(6:39)
  6- Of Us The Fallen Angels(6:18)
  7- Thou Art My Safe Haven(4:33)
  8- Till Time Dissolves Our Shadows(3:32)

samples      Lynx Music

Metus is a Polish prog band that has released a cascade of albums since 2003, the musical brainchild is singer, writer and composer Marek Juza. In the current line-up Metus is a six-piece formation, its latest effort from 2019 is entitled Time Will Dissolve Our Shadows. This CD was my first musical encounter with Metus, and it turned out to be an interesting experience.

Although the 8 compositions are very dark and simply structured, and the singer has an obvious accent, the sound on this album appeals to me. I am delighted with the tension between the dreamy parts, the slow rhythms and the bombastic eruptions, and the way Metus has coloured the music with the inspired vocals, violin, keyboards and guitars.

First the vocals from Marek Juza, he has a very distinctive voice, a bit low pitched. At some moments theatrical, doom or gothic, like 'Der Graf' from German rock band Unheilig. At other moments mellow and romantic, like Jim Morrison his tender side, especially in Eternity Is Now and And Thou Art My Safe Haven. And the track Shadows Around features a captivating duet between Marek his low and dark voice and his two daughters their high and cheerful voices, a captivating musical idea.

Then the other instruments, these range from tender piano, intense violin work and soaring strings to blistering guitar soli, thunderous drums, and even the majestic church organ (in Heat The Moan Of Ashes). Especially the violin contributions I consider as a bonus in the music of Metus. Adding a classical and folky element to the music, as a strong contrast with the dark vocals and heavy outbursts on guitar and drums.

If you are up to dark prog and the very distinctive vocals, this is an album to discover.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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