Mister Peculiar - Changes

(CD, 2014, 51:49, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Wrong Place(2:29)
  2- The Prisoner(4:58)
  3- Lowlands(4:27)
  4- Expectations(3:57)
  5- Silence(3:19)
  6- Old Place(6:32)
  7- Talking To The Moon(4:14)
  8- No More, Light?(2:40)
  9- Dreaming(2:56)
10- Funny(6:33)
11- Shame On Me(3:24)
12- Skye Eyed Girl(6:19)

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Changes is the second album of guitarist/singer-songwriter/composer Mister Peculiar. It's a concept album about the journey through a young man's mind. First thing that I thought about was the fact that it sounds a lot like Pink Floyd and Roger Waters's solo work... Actually, it reminds me too much of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. What's also a bit disappointing is that the vocals are not fantastic in my opinion, I hear he has an accent despite the fact that his English is good.

The album actually starts very promising with the track Wrong Place. I love the (Mellotron) flutes and the banjo. The second track The Prisoner is good, but I have trouble listening to the voice. I hear some typical David Gilmour guitar solos and snippets here and there as well. The third track Lowlands reminds me too much of the Roger Waters track Perfect Sense. The piano, the talking voice, it's almost the same as Perfect Sense. Too bad actually, because I adore that track from Roger Waters and Lowlands really misses the impact Perfect Sense makes. Fourth track Expectations reminds me too much of David Gilmour solo actually. The way he tries to sing, the guitars... Again, a disappointment for me. The fifth track Silence has some minimal sound/drum effects, bass and vocals only... And a banjo solo starting halfway through the track. Despite the haunting sound and drum effects the track is not really exciting. The sixth track Old Place starts with a guitar that sounds exactly like the guitar on Pink Floyd's Breathe. Too bad. The organs also sound too much like Rick Wright is playing it (whom of course, isn't). The guitar solo is also very Gilmour-like. The seventh track Talking To The Moon is actually a catchy track that doesn't remind me too much of any Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and/or David Gilmour. The guitar riffs are catchy and so is the whole track. The eight track No More, Light is an instrumental track. It starts with an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar solo, which, of course, reminds me too much of David Gilmour. The ninth track Dreaming is another track that starts with a Gilmour like guitar solo. Despite the fact that it's too Floyd-y again I quite like it. The tenth track Funny is again a Gilmour-like blues/funky track. It's catchy, but the choirs aren't great in my opinion. The eleventh track Shame On Me is a very bluesy track, that luckily doesn't remind me of anyone or anything from Pink Floyd. It suits Mr. Peculiar very well. The twelfth track Sky Eyed Girl is also a very bluesy track, and it's a pretty song.

If you like Pink Floyd/Roger Waters/David Gilmour and you want something that sounds a lot like it, then this is the album for you. I am a big Pink Floyd fan, but if I want something that sounds a lot like Pink Floyd, then I would play Pink Floyd! I'm sure Mr. Peculiar is capable of doing more than this Pink Floyd-like music, sadly he only shows it on the last tracks on the album. I hear he's a very good musician so if I were him, I would set up a Pink Floyd tribute band or do something completely different on his next album.

**+ Iris Hidding (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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