Monnaie De Singe (MDS) -
The Last Chance

(CD 2018, 57:03, ACB ‎ MDS18)

The tracks:
  1- IAM(6:37)
  2- Seven Billion Dreams(5:25)
  3- Emergency(7:18)
  4- Earth(6:15)
  5- The Last Chance(6:47)
  6- Not Under Fifty(5:38)
  7- December 3003(2:42)
  8- Magic Tree(4:47)
  9- My Lucky Star(5:37)
10- Happy Birthday(5:58)


I'm surprised that his band, Monnaie De Singe, after a career span of nearly 25 years never reached my ears. The Last Chance is already the 5th release that came to me from this French (prog) rock formation. On this album MDS consists of Anne GaŽlle Rumin (vocals), Philippe Glayat (vocals), Serge Combettes (bass), Philippe Chavaroche (keyboards), Eric Farges (drums), Christophe Laporte (guitar) and Jean-Philippe Moncanis (guitar).

When I read in their bio. that their main inspiration comes from some Steven Wilson projects, Riverside and Archive I became a bit happy, a mixture of the nicest form of prog and high quality Trip Hop can't go wrong, together with that feeling I also raised the bar. I have learned a lot about music in this range through the years. And with that I mind I can be annoyingly critical.

The theme of this mainly by GaŽlle Rumin sung album deals about the over consumerism of the people living on this planet and where it's going to in the future. A bit too much for me.

Overall this CD is not too bad, although the voice of Anne-G can be a bit tiresome. The musicians try their best to reach the quality of their inspirational bands, and sometimes they do. For instance when the 6th track Not Under 50 begins, you'll notice the link to Blackfield but the French accent of singer Glayat will betray him. And you'll recognise hints of Porcupine Tree in some tracks. I don't know if it's intentional but I like it.

Not a masterpiece, but worth listening to if you got some spare time left.

*** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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