Moonparticle -
Hurricane Esmeralda

(CD 2017, CD-40:04 , Self-released MP 001)

The tracks:
  1- Hurricane Esmeralda(3:20)
  2- Helium I(2:16)
  3- Helium II(1:24)
  4- Winter Mountain(5:20)
  5- White Light(5:00)
  6- Michelangelo Don't Stop(6:51)
  7- The Strength Of A Thousand Year Rose(4:23)
  8- Revered Mum(4:06)
  9- Leon's Experiment(7:16)

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Moonparticle is a new project/band by Niko Tsonev . With a quite impressive lineup. It seems he has borrowed his band from Steven Wilson. I mean, Craig Blundell, Adam Holzman and Theo Travis are not some regular musicians who are without a big musical career. But don't forget the magical voice of Grog Lisee who is featured on a few tracks as well.
With such a band backing it can't go wrong. I can tell you, it didn't.

The overall style breathes seventies! Flute and string arrangements (done by Samy Bishai) are all over the place, especially in the jazzy Michelangelo Don't Stop.
Sometimes some distorted guitars will invite you to the modern ages of prog. I've noticed that in the last years prog tends to get heavier. As a fan of prog-metal and djent I enjoy that trend very much.
You can hear the immaculate balance between the musicians. They know each other. I think all the short to medium length tracks are in near perfect harmony. They sound great. You want more after 40 minutes.

If you're into jazzy prog with a hint of rock in it, I can recommend this one for sure.
As I said, you can't go wrong!

**** Erik van Os (edited by Dave Smith)

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