Mother Of Millions -

(CD 2019, 40:19, Vicisolum Records VSP124)

The tracks:
  1- Amber
  2- Rite
  3- Soma
  4- Cinder
  5- Nema
  6- Anchor
  7- Artefact

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Mother Of Millions is an Athens based progressive rock/metal band that imbeds cinematic soundscapes in their music, creating a pleasant, recognisable and unique style.

Founded in 2008, Mother Of Millions has released their very well acknowledged debut album; Human in 2014 and an even more successful successor; Sigma in 2017. 2019 sees the birth of their third release; Artifacts. The new album tells a story about ideas and sentiments as objects with a ritual value. Mother Of Millions consists of vocalist George Prokopiou, who also is Poem's lead vocalist. The two bands have close ties and both bands are as one big family. Mastermind and guitarist Kostas Konstantinidis is joined by his instrumental companions; Makis Tsamkosoglou on keyboards and piano, bass player Panos Priftis and drummer George Boukaouris.

When you listen to this album, you can almost hear a separation between de several tracks; the first three are emphasizing the more powerful side of the band, adding alternative elements, where the final four, which were written and recorded the last, seem to focus more on the cinematic, progressive side of music. This nice combination defines the interesting and challenging sound of our Greek friends.

Amber is the first track; also the first video of the album, a track that in my opinion references to the smoother parts of Persefone; Living Waves in particular. However, Kostas was referring this track to power combined with the cinematic elements of Sólstafir and even Gentle Giant. During the recordings, he challenged George to the max, reaching for the high notes you hear in the beginning of the track. Both Rite and Soma are a perfect blend of George's wonderful voice and the piano versus guitar orientated powerful compositions. Intriguing and accessible at the same time. Entering Cinder, the cinematic, electronics sounds and keyboards, are getting a bigger share in the music, and the songs become more complex, showing the other, perhaps even more interesting side of the band. But still the balance does remain and there is no loss of powerful elements whatsoever. Nema is a brilliant composition on the piano. The accompanying video was shot at the house of one of one of Poem's member. During Anchor we are treated again by George's amazing voice, which is the icing on the again impeccable combination of solid bass, drums, guitars and keyboards. For the final composition, Artefact Mother Of Millions created a brilliant, almost ten minutes clocking masterpiece; cinematic, atmospheric and very progressive. This absolute highlight of the album makes it worth already to purchase Artifacts.

Where on the previous album Sigma both elements of Mother Of Millions music were perfectly bonded, Artifacts sees them more spread over the composition. For me Arifacts is an amazing progressive rock album, probably going to end up in this year's top ten.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van os van den Abeelen)

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