Nemo - R€volu$ion

(CD 2011, 62:03; Quadrifonic Mai Quad 19-11)

The tracks:
  1-  Liberté, Egalité, Insurrection!(2:23)
  2- Je Suis Un Objet(5:43)
  3- Révolu$ion(5:08)
  4- Aux Portes Du Paradis(2:21)
  5- Seul Dans La Foule(9:36)
  6- Chiens En Laisse(5:35)
  7- Loins Des Yeux (Barbares parties VIII a XII)(24:30)
  8- Notes Pour Plus Tard..(6:43)

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Since 2002 the French outfit Nemo has been working steadily on achieving a top position in the prog scene and with R€volu$ion, their seventh studio album in ten years - next to another three live CDs! - the band has arrived as far as I'm concerned. There's not one weak track to be found on this album, although the styles of music differ considerably. Of course there are many reminders of seventies prog and singing in French means that the connection with Ange is never far away, although the music itself cannot really be compared as such. As always the guitars of Jean Pierre Louveton and David Zmyslowski have the loudest voice and quite rightly so. Just listen to their duet during Seul Dans La Foule, a highlight on this CD. However, don't sneeze at the contribution of singer Louveton or the excellent rhythm section. They rock and I really mean: they rock! The band are able to let a track of just five minutes and a halve sound like an epic with all its twists and turns, its rock riffs and its lyrics dealing with the global crisis. Nemo is by now and without doubt the flag-bearer of symphonic rock with the emphasis on rock and for that matter symphonic.

****+ André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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