Newspaperflyhunting -
Time Lost

(CD-EP 2018, 20:07, npfh0008)

The tracks:
  1- Why(4:50)
  2- Recycled(4:49)
  3- To Rid The Memories(2:46)
  4- Time Stands Still(7:42)

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In 2017 I had the pleasure to review the third studio album from Newspaperflyhunting, titled Wastelands (see review).

Now Michal Pawloswki (guitar & vocals), Krystof Sarna (drums), Gosia Sutula-Grabowska (bass and vocals), Jacek Bezubik (guitars and vocals) and Beata Grzegorcyk-Andrejczuk (keys) return with an EP, called Time Lost.

In the Wastelands review I asked you to take a look at the album cover. My first thoughts were not that positive. After listening to their music I had to admit that it is simply possible that what you are seeing is not always comparable with that what you hear. With this release, Time Lost, when we take a look at the album cover, it is not uplifting. But... this time I had an idea how the music would sound, and found it a pleasure to go and listen to their music again. If I had the title in mind by seeing the cover, I had several thoughts about time. Time is running fast, before we know it we are walking with a stick ourselves. Receiving that message is a blessing in itself. What will the music bring this time?

The EP opens with Why. At the start of the song you hear alarm-like sounds that hold on for a while and in addition you hear pathetic singing by a male singer. There is a lot of room for detail and you will hear a deep guitar solo. Because of the lyrical theme the song becomes more aggressive. It is a beautiful postrock song and is an extension of the previous album. The song touches me because the lyrics deal with loss and you will hear that in the music as well, wow what a way to open the EP!

In Recycled you will hear guitar strumming at the start. But not just one rhythm but two rhythms together, done nicely. The singing is so beautiful and fragile at times, that I feel my tears coming now and then. It is a quiet song, good after the heavy opener.

Recycled merges into To Rid The Memories. Keyboard sounds opens. They hit you and its clear that they are important in the song. It is a short, not that complicated song. It is a prelude to the last track of the EP, Time Stands Still. The song starts heavy, as we are used to from Newspaperflyhunting. The heavy rhythm and guitars fades away and there is room for singing and keys. Then a repetition of the intro and slower part, and again, it looks like a pattern, but a really nice pattern. Then, for a while rhythmical drumming determines the route of the song. Serene keyboard parts join the drumming. You hear some Animals keyboards in it, so welcome to Pink Floyd in a postrock song! Oh, nearly forgot to tell you that you will hear a fresh sounding guitar solo and also you can hear female singing in the song. What an incredible beautiful postrock song closes the EP.

All-in all this EP tastes like more, much more, so guys and girls, enter into the studio and make another record please!

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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