Nosound - A Sense Of Loss

(CD 2009, 51:40, Kscope Records KSCOPE139)

The tracks:
  1- Some Warmth Into This Chill(7:55)
  2- Fading Silently(8:27)
  3- Tender Claim(8:07)
  4- My Apology(5:41)
  5- Constant Contrast(5:42)
  6- Winter Will Come(15:39)

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The Italian band Nosound was formed back in 2001. A Sense Of Loss is their third release. Nosound is an art rock band reminding me very much of No-Man, one of Steven Wilsonís (Porcupine Tree) side projects. Founder of the band is guitarist and vocalist Giancarlo Erra. He describes this new album as a musical move from classic rock to a more unique sound with influences from contemporary alternative rock and rock music from the past. Personally, I donít think this is a rock album at all. It sounds more like lounge music: very spacey and melancholic.

The piano and keyboards dominate this album and therefore I most of all miss musical power, guitars and variety. The entire album sounds very dull to me. Itís mushy and static music with little compositional depth. The playing lacks fire and the band telegraph their chord progressions... If youíre able to stay awake, just listen to songs like Tender Claim or My Apology and you will catch my drift, unless you like this sort of dreamy keyboard music. For me, Nosound is a perfect name for this band. I will say no more of this albumÖ

* Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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