Odyssice - Secret Showcase

(CD-DVD 2013, 65:11/ 60:00, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Chinese Waters (live)(6:59)
  2- Anuradhapura (live)(7:52)
  3- Flags Without A Heart (live)(8:15)
  4- Senkan (live)(5:51)
  5- Swank (live)(5:19)
  6- Different Questions (live)(3:16)
  7- Olympus (live)(7:09)
  8- Continental Motion (live)(9:22)
  9- A Prophet's Dream (live)(10:06)
DVD Video:
  1- Chinese Waters
  2- Anuradhapura
  3- Flags Without A Heart
  4- Swank
  5- Continental Motion
  6- A Prophet's Dream
  7- Olympus (live promo video)
  8- Into The 'Secret' (documentary)
  9- Different Questions (rehearsal excerpt)

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Although Secret Showcase is a new release by the Dutch instrumental prog rock band Odyssice, the songs on this album were already recorded eight years ago in the new RTV Noord-Holland studios in Amsterdam during which the audience consisted of family and friends. At the time the line-up consisted of Bastiaan Peeters (guitars), Menno Boomsma (drums, flute), Jeroen Van der Wiel (keyboards) and Peter Kosterman (bass), who has left the band in the meantime.

The set list contains four new songs and five older tracks from the albums Impression (2000) and Moondrive (1997, 2003, 2013, see review). The reason why it took so long to release this double record is explained in the documentary, which can be seen on the DVD. The sound on both the CD and the DVD is quite all right, but unfortunately there was only one stereo sound tape. Songs that are really worth listening to are the oriental opening track Chinese Waters with amazing guitar playing, A Prophet's Dream filled with magical high-pitched guitar solos, and Continental Motion where Bastiaan Peeters shows that he belongs to the best melodious guitar players in the world!

Devotees of melodious and instrumental prog rock should check out this release since Odyssice is an incredibly good rock band. This album is a must have for guitar freaks especially for people who love the music of Camel!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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