Ommatidia - Let's Face It

(CD 2015, 48:36, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Immaculate(5:12)
  2- Sunspot(4:56)
  3- Dark Swelling(3:45)
  4- Soiled(7:10)
  5- Seeping Black(4:23)
  6- Antagonism(5:32)
  7- A Lack Of Contrast In Life(4:50)
  8- Coming Full Circle Pt I(2:46)
  9- Coming Full Circle Pt II(3:42)
10- Coming Full Circle Pt III(6:16)

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Ommatidia resurrected from the ashes the band The Dead Old Tree left behind, when French guitar player Nicolas Chevrollier started a new band. Former band member and bass player Vincent Danhier joined and with Olivier Rouget and Gilles Vardon, respectively a drummer and lead guitarist entered the line-up. Finally in Guillaume Richard the awaited vocalist was found. In 2010 their debut album In This Life, Or The Next was released; dark, moody and well received. In 2013 Ommtidia started working on the new album; Let's Face It, which we have here. Perhaps some misinformation about the band's bass player, but in the booklet's line-up, Guillaume Sence is credited as their bass player, while the bass and keyboards on the album are played by Gilled Vardon. So, let's state that Ommatidia has a new bass player in their line-up.

More important is the music, how does the album sound? In the basics Ommatidia has slightly shifted from a dark melodic band to a more modern melodic progressive metal band, with absolutely stunning vocals. During the opener Immaculate, a smooth dark edge is still present, but the Katationa style melodies are accompanied with positive sounding vocal lines, which work very well together. Strong staccato guitars, powerful drums and a fine bass are the perfect base for Guillaume Richard to express himself. Another song that has these wonderful vocals is the slightly slower Antagonism, where emotion sounds through. Songs like Sunspot, Dark Swelling and Soiled are energetic compositions, showing how the song writing has evolved to a very mature level. These songs combine power with smoother emotional parts and ingenious playing of solos with brutal riffs and drums, creating accessible and catchy songs that last. Seeping Black is a bit more towards the darker side of metal, keeping the album in a fine balance between good and evil. A Lack Of Contrast In Life absolutely can be seen as one of the album's highlights; mood shifting, intense and beautiful. The final composition on the album is called; Coming Full Circle, which is divided into three sections, the first instrumental part is built on a riff that grows and gains power towards the end and seamlessly floats into the second part, a strong part in a progressive metal vein. Let's say Fates Warning or Queensryche,- 90's editions. The third part first takes you back to slower, almost acoustic music, than the power returns with harsh, brutal vocals and intense riffs.

To be honest, I did not have any clue what to expect from this, for me unknown band. But again I am positively surprised by the way how professional a band like Ommatidia sounds. The compositions are stunning and the band keeps my attention until the end. Let's Face It these are absolutely gifted musicians who deserve a breakthrough. I just know an open road is ahead of them.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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