Ordinary Brainwash -
Disorder In My Head

(CD 2009; 52:09; Lynx Music LM 56 CD)

The tracks:
  1- Freedom of Speech, Right to Choose(3:10)
  2- Insomnia(5:18)
  3- Solace(4:35)
  4- Fracture(3:34)
  5- Very old deluded kingdom of Absolution(6:17)
  6- Snake(4:50)
  7- Chase/Execution/Sweet Agony(6:38)
  8- As a floating Leaf (5:24)
  9- Mental Prostitution (5:24)
10- Ordinary Brainwash(6:59)

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I freely admit, a band that names itself Ordinary Brainwash has already scored bonus points with me. Of course, of course, this band is pretentious as hell. Not only the band name but also the song titles are a testimony of that. The more difficult the better. But these guys from Poland back up their snobbery with-especially on the first half of the CD-excellent music. This music is difficult to describe and references do not come naturally.  This means that Ordinary Brainwash is quite original. I hear maybe a bit of Pain of Salvation or OSI. It certainly is not in the vein of Riverside, which for once is quite nice because there are already an increasing number of copycats for that (excellent) band. No, most of Ordinary Brainwash’s songs have a dark atmosphere with a singer who is heavily depressed, and instrumentalists who use their tools only sparingly. The result is that the listener has to grow into the songs: the more you listen to them, the better they get. There are enough twist and turns in there to keep the listener interested for a long time and as a band you could not wish for more. And you know what? All this has been produced by only one man: Rafal Zak-a 21 year old Warsaw School of Economics student. I’m sure we are going to hear a lot more of this guy!

**** André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pshman)

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