Osada Vida -
The After-Effect

(CD 2014, 47:06, Metal Mind Productions)

The tracks:
  1- King Of Isolation(3:51)
  2- Sky Full Of Dreams(4:32)
  3- Still Want To Prevaricate?(3:05)
  4- Lies(5:34)
  5- Dance With Confidence(1:11)
  6- I'm Not Afraid(5:47)
  7- Losing Breath(5:01)
  8- Restive Lull(5:42)
  9- Haters(4:32)
10- No One Left To Blame(7:52)

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The After-Effect is the fifth studio album of Polish prog rockers Osada Vida. This new album shows a different approach to music and composing as most of the ten tracks are far more melodic, more powerful and they contain more excellent guitar passages and solos. The After-Effect is the first release after the line-up change which happened a short time ago. Jan Mitoraj (guitar) and Marek Romanowski (drums) joined Osada Vida and especially the guitar work of Mitoraj is a bonus for the band as his solos, riffs, hooks and melodies definitely add an extra dimension to their sound. Just listen to his solos in songs like King Of Isolation or the rather interesting instrumental Still Want To Prevaricate?. Singer Marek Majewski's voice seems to improve on every album as his vocals on tracks like Haters And Lies are really outstanding. Highlights of this very good album are: Sky Full Of Dreams, Losing Breath (both with strings and excellent guitar work), I'm Not Afraid (symphonic prog rock) and the final and longest track on the album No One Left To Blame. The latter proving that Osada Vida is in fact an art rock band and not a prog metal band as their music gets more and more experimental and better. Check out this new Polish beauty as it will really surprise you, just as it did me; The After-Effect is Osada Vida's best album by far!

**** Martien Koolen(edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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