Osta Love -
Good Morning Dystopia

(CD 2013, 54:04, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Prologue(4:51)
  2- Fragile Freedom(5:36)
  3- Alienation(4:34)
  4- Subway(5:13)
  5- Red Sky(4:59)
  6- Insomnia(6:12)
  7- The Guards(9:27)
  8- Alaska(4:45)
  9- Shine(4:38)
10- Epilogue(3:42)

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Osta Love started as a studio project by two German old school friends: Tobias Geberth and Leon Ackerman. After several years of playing blues rock they moved to Berlin in 2010 and began to record more prog rock oriented songs. After releasing their first album Colours (2011)- only available as a download - Osta Love began to look for musicians to play live with; they gave some performances in Berlin. In 2013 they privately released the second album Good Morning Dystopia.

After listening to the entire album I could only conclude that there's one band that continuously crossed my mind: from Prologue to Epilogue I heard the sound of Pink Floyd. Therefore the subtitle of this album should be 'a tribute to David Gilmour ' since both his singing and his guitar playing pay homage to this great musician. More recent influences can be found in Porcupine Tree's repertoire.

However, Osta Love is much more than just a Pink Floyd copycat! After a couple of headset sessions, I was surprised by the high standard of songwriting and music making. This is a rather good album! Listen to tracks like Insomnia, The Guards and Alaska and you'll probably agree that Good Morning Dystopia contains fine progressive rock. Moreover, this private release sounds great and shows that Germany has its own Airbag. Are these musicians really that good? Yes, indeed, they are!

Personally I think that they can achieve much more with a sound of their own and reach an even higher quality level. I expect that they are capable to develop and deliver the ultimate masterpiece that's hidden underneath. I regard Good Morning Dystopia to be a kind of calm before the storm. Anyway, Tobias Geberth and Leon Ackerman did an outstanding job!

***+ Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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