Peter Matuchniak - Uncover Me

(CD 2012, 44:54, The Record Label TRL070)

The tracks:
  1- Falling Ash (Landscape Burning P1)(5:23)
  2- Running Blind(5:06)
  3- Uncover Me(1:52)
  4- Down In New Orleans(6:28)
  5- Running Back To You(4:16)
  6- London Vibe(2:25)
  7- Lionheart Betrayed(2:18)
  8- Sandcastles(0:54)
  9- Across The Pond(4:53)
10- Rising Sun (Landscape Burning P2)(8:08)
11- Hippy In The Rain(3:12)

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I think the name Peter Matuchniak doesn't ring a bell for many people. However, this British progressive rock guitarist has already played in bands like Evolve IV, Janysium and Mach One. I have to admit that these bands are rather unknown as well. Recently Matuchniak recorded a debut album with Gekko Project (see review) and as a solo artist he released his debut album Uncover Me.

On this solo album he proves why he is compared to fantastic guitar players like Andy Latimer (Camel), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis). Matuchniak isn't only a musician who's able to write great progressive rock tunes. That's probably the reason why he recorded a solo album: to display that he has much more to offer. Therefore Uncover Me can be regarded as a musical experience containing progressive rock, jazz-rock, folk-rock and rock.

Some musicians record solo albums in order to play all the instruments themselves, but Peter Matuchniak chose the other option: asking several guest musicians to realize his music with.

Peter Matuchniak may call himself happy to have some fantastic local musicians to support him. People like Jimmy Keegan (drummer Spock's Beard), Natalie Azerad (singer with Pink Floyd tribute W1P and live with Alan Parsons), Rick Meadows (bassist Gekko Projekt), Ted Zahn (singer with WZMG), along with some fine saxophone and flute work from classical and jazz musicians David Gilman and Conor Jonson.

When you listen to the eleven tracks you realize that Matuchniak has been influenced by a wide range of musical styles. Yet he succeeds in providing these different songs with a progressive rock twist. Therefore the album never gets bored and you're not inclined to skip to the next track. However, the songs that are most reminiscent of the music of Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett and Alan Parsons, are the highlights on Uncover Me. That's why the two-piece Landscape Burning belongs to my favourite tracks on the album. These fifteen minutes of music offer just a high level of progressive rock music. But also the remainder of Matuchniak's solo debut is certainly worthwhile listening to, especially because of the strong line-up. All of the aforementioned names deliver outstanding achievements.

I have to compliment Peter Matuchniak for recording a fine solo album including different musical styles. Recommended to lovers of progressive rock music in general, but in particular to those who fancy Pink Floyd.

*** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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