Phi - For The Love Of Ghosts

(CD 2011, 49:13, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Surgical Cut, parts 2-4(9:51)
  2- Departure (4:41)
  3- Desire(12:08)
  4- Wintersong(5:23)
  5- The Illusion (Death Is Dead)(6:19)
  6- The Surgical Cut, part 1(9:04)
  7- Epilogue: For The Love Of Ghosts(1:46)

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For The Love Of Ghosts starts with a very nice, aggressive, energizing riff which makes you take notice immediately. Unfortunately this nice opening is also the highlight of the CD. The remainder of the record is not bad at all, but it kind of states on the same quality level; nothing really stands out. It could be because of the singing which is rather flat and in the vocal sections the rest of the band seems to take a backseat. In the instrumental pieces between the vocals you can hear that the Austrian band Phi are capable of much more than the unremarkable prog rock - with the emphasis on rock - being offered on For The Love of Ghosts. Just listen for instance to the emotional guitar solo on Wintersong. On German websites this album gets high marks and I would really like to love this record, but it's just too mediocre to float my boat. Well, maybe next time with an entire instrumental CD?

**André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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