The Pineapple Thief -
Show A Little Love

(CD 2010, 32:54, Bertus KScope)

The tracks:
  1- Show A little Love(3:38)
  2- A Million Miles Of Course (acoustic)(2:21)
  3- I Can Only See The Lights(5:04)
  4- Counting The Cost(4:25)
  5- To Live And Die To(4:22)
  6- Wake Up The Dead (acoustic)(4:03)
  7- Someone Here Is Missing (acoustic)(3:57)
  8- Dead In The Water (Worldengine remix)(5:04)

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Shortly after the release of the album Someone Here Is Missing, The Pineapple Thief come with a mini-album lasting over thirty minutes and containing five newly recorded songs and three acoustic tracks. The title track is a fierce rock song in the vein of the British new wave band The Sound. A Million Miles Of Course is acoustic and in my opinion much too short. I Can Only See The Lights is a rather weird song with many difficult shifts of tempo. If you like head banging: this track might be a good one to do your banging on the dance floor. Fortunately The Pineapple Thief recorded better songs for example Counting The Cost. In this song Bruce Soord, the leader of the band, keeps complaining with a very sad voice. Well, that's the way I like my prog rock! The only instrumental song on this mini-CD is To Live And Die To. It's a mixture of relaxed acoustic pieces with rough guitar breaks and a sudden end. The second acoustic track Wake Up The Dead is more in the vein of the old famous songs of Neil Young during the Harvest and Tonight's The Night-era. There's also an acoustic version of the title track of their latest album Someone Here Is Missing that sounds rather basic. The final song Dead In The Water is slightly better. Next time I hope Pineapple Thief will release a full-length CD containing their best new songs instead of two short ones with several disappointing songs.

**+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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