Poor Genetic Material -
Here Now

(CD 2020, 46:03, QinXote-Music 10)

The tracks:
  1- Here Now(4:48)
  2- Serendipity(3:54)
  3- The Waiting Game(7:01)
  4- Note From My Young Self(7:00)
  5- The Garden(13:15)
  6- This Place(9:34)

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Poor Genetic Material is a German band and after a four-year hiatus they now release their 8th studio album called: Here Now.

Compared to their previous album Absence, Here Now, sounds definitely more direct and the songs are very accessible. Poor Genetic Material, featuring father and son Martin Griffiths (Beggar's Opera, lead vocals on The Garden) and Philip Griffiths (Alias Eye, lead & backing vocals), in fact have a truly unique sound indeed as their music is hard to pinpoint. Obviously, you can hear musical influences from lots of great prog rock bands, like for example Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Genesis, but in the end, you cannot pigeonhole this German band. Their 8th albums kicks off with the title track and this up tempo neo prog song, which is more or less “dominated” by the sound of the flute, kind of reminds me of the old sound of IQ. The epic track The Garden is the highlight of this album, featuring lots of diversity, but most of all a beautiful opening sequence of piano, keys, and lead guitar; almost sounding like the great Genesis... Here Now ends with a song called This Place, which again features a lot of flute (played by Pia Dammstadter), but also stands out due to the amazing polyphonic vocal passages; notice how the vocals have resemblance with Michael Sadler (Saga) and Dennis DeYoung (ex Styx)!

Poor Genetic Material have come up with a beautiful light symphonic/progressive rock album with lots of musical flavours and excellent musicianship; so truly recommended indeed! Listening tip: The Garden.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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