Poor Genetic Material -
Spring Tidings 15th Anniversary Edition

(CD 2021, 53:01, QuiXote- Music)

The tracks:
  1- Three Steps back....(2:23)
  2- Blow-Up(4:04)
  3- April(6:56)
  4- Watercolours(9:31)
  5- Tidings(6:26)
  6- La Ville Qui N'Existant Pas(10:30)
  7- Lotus Eaters(6:58)
  8- Or Right Ahead(3:59)

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Spring Tidings was originally released in 2006 and it was the 8th album of the German prog rockers Poor Genetic Material. Now, PGM, bring out the 15th, remixed and remastered, anniversary edition of one of their best albums.

So, now, fifteen years later, you can enjoy better sounding versions of the eight songs on Spring Tidings. Highlights are definitely the longer tracks Watercolours, La Ville Qui N'Existant Pas and Lotus Eaters; the latter featuring astonishing guitar melodies and solos. The sound of PGM always make me think of Sylvan, due to the keyboards and the melodies but the vocalist of PGM, Philip Griffith - sometimes sounding like Michael Sadler from Saga - often sounds too mediocre and almost non-emotional....

But, of course, Spring Tidings was and still is a great neo prog rock album featuring lots of heavenly melodies and extremely well played guitar solos!

No Rating - Martien Koolen (edited by Dave Smith)

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